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Our Dobermans are part of our family, they are Faithful, Loving, Guardians of our family and home. We love them like our own children, they are almost human when it comes to their love for their family.

Where temperament and health and longevity are first and foremost. We are dedicated to the betterment of the Doberman.

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. To start My name is Angela Green and this website is here to sell the breeds of puppies I love. All of my dogs are CKC registered We have recently started adding AKC doberman's to our breeding stock. We have Doberman Pincher puppies they are our MAIN focus right now!They are all great with children and will be there best friend for life. So please check out each of there pages and check back for updates on puppies available often. We also do a little rescue work and help find homes for other kinds of puppies and dogs weather they came from here or not! If one of our past clients have a litter we will try and help them find homes. If someone cannot keep their dobie we will help rehome that dog as well. So in short we DO STAND behind our pups to ensure they ALWAYS have a home!

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Hello Jennifer,

Im sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, things have been super crazy around here with us expanding to different locations. When you picked up your pup you received all paperwork needed to register your puppy, along with our contract. If it's just his dam's number you need i can provide you with that. Give me a call and i can try to help you out. 

Thanks for contacting us. 

Angela Green

 Big and Small Puppy Pets  5/27/2015

Hi, I am sorry to bother you but I looked on the internet for my dog's Dam to find her so I could get her registration number we have all the other info. to register her son that we bought from Angela green who owned her at the time but she must have forgot to include her registration number for Green'z Minnie NightRaven. I know that this is really not your problem but I just got around to registering him and really I couldn't find my papers until now and I noticed that it was missing I have the other info the sire. and even the litter registration for when the mom was born but not her # I was hoping to see if you would send me the info but if not that is perfectly fine as I mentioned it is not really you problem. but mine. sincerely Jennifer looney

 jennifer looney  4/4/2015


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